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Welcome to Villa Solhaug!

Villa Solhaug is a guest house on the south side of the island Bjorøy just outside of Bergen (20 minutes from city center by car or bus), which is offered for rent to private groups and companies for celebrations, weddings, confirmations, family holidays, and other events.

The house can be rented for events only, or with rooms for overnight stay for one or more nights. See «våre rom» for further information.

The house is selfservice and guests will therefore have exclusive access to the house, the surroundings and the rooms rented. Access to the house is by codelock provided when arriving. Cleaning when leaving is included in the rent. Cleaning more often can be offered for extra charge.

You can combine Your stay With other offers near by, see «våre anbefalinger».

There is a large parkinglot in front of the house, ad possibillity for access by sea. You can also use Public transport (Bus 43).

The house has the following offer to our customers:

  • 10 rooms with 2-4 beds, in total between 22-34 beds
  • 2 rooms with separate bath rooms
  • dining room / kitchen with seeting for up to 50 guests
  • living room with lounge or seeting for up to 16-18 guests
  • sea view from living room and 6 of the bed rooms
  • large garden and peaceful, private surroundings
  • jacuzzi and garden shower
  • situated only a short boat trip from our neighbours Cornelius Sjømatrestaurant – a perfect combination!
  • Villa Solhaug is perfect for celebrations, company events, a peaceful weekend and more
  • Activities includes pool, dart, table tennis, boardgames and maritime activities
  • Pleace contact us for booking and further information
  • Tel + 47 47 75 20 60

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